End of Dreaming????

Do dreams have to come to an end, that is the question to ponder at this moment.  Apparently having a blog that expresses your thoughts (however incognito they be) is a problem.  Should this blog be the end of my brain dump for others to judge and hopefully laugh at as I often laugh at myself?  I have shared that I dream of the beach everyday and that will not change.  I was so hesitant to even have a blog but this began as a result of a course requirement for school.  The ability to just let my fingers go, be creative and have some fun with searching for a few of my favorite things online, I must admit I am a bit of a Google freak, aren’t we all?  This has become quite therapeutic for me in a self indulging sort of way.  My motto again, if it feel good JUST DO IT!  So I pose the question again, should this be my last blog?  To dream or not to dream, that is the question, or better yet, to dream in public or not to dream in public?  I am a pretty private person, hence my hesitation on even getting this started, but as I found I can hide behind the hidden innuendos and not post actual pictures of me or my family but still blab on and on and laugh, yes sometimes out loud at myself is much like lying down on the psychiatrists couch and pouring your thoughts out (sometimes feelings) and all of this free of charge.  Well for those reading this you are indeed paying the price, and at that I laugh at as well.  CupCake does have a warped sense of humor, but mainly towards myself.

SO shattered dreams, I THINK NOT!  I will blog away and if I stop then time to pay the doctor for all of this great free therapy that I am receiving, wow do you think I have a split personality?  Am I diagnosing myself?  Bi-polar anyone?  (Ooops is this a HIPPA violation, I think not, I can tell on myself all day long!) Do I answer my own questions?  Crazy, yes just a bit but isn’t that what real dreamers and dreams are made of…..

SO remember  Dreams whether the are Crazy or not are one of few things that CAN NOT be taken away from you!!!!  Here’s to beach bum dreaming with you, for you, and best of all dreaming of you!!!!  Beach – you will not allude me forever, one day I will be that independently wealthy surfer girl without a care in the world!!!!

Livin’ the Dream!!!!


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