New week and new opportunities

Time to take advantage of this new week and all the new and exciting opportunities that lie before me.  It’s Monday and wow my outlook couldn’t be better.  Well except if I was at the beach but that is the same old story everyday, and one day I will be that beach bum sitting on the beach toes in the water hair blowing in the breeze and a smile on my face.  Back to today, I sit in office listening to the drone of traffic on I-240 and I have more than enough work to keep me busy for a decade but for some reason my outlook couldn’t be more positive.  I will get done today what I can and save what isn’t quite accomplished for tomorrow.  Happy to have the opportunity to make a difference, whether small or big on the individuals I interact with today.  Hope your Monday is as great as mine is going to be.  Positive thoughts from the optimistic beach bum today!


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