Day dreaming today ~ Beach Bum Girl Wishes to Escape

Today is another fun filled day of papers, reading textbooks, exam and quizzes.  I however find myself day dreaming about lounging on the shore wishing I had a refreshing cocktail in my hand and a golden tan that I have managed to obtain (unlikely at this point with no outdoor time…a girl can dream) and the warm ocean breeze softly caressing my hair as the sunsets off in the distance.  My countdown is still going and I can hardly wait for the time to be finished not that I need time to rush by, way to much to accomplish until the time is up.  I do hope to manage to get in a walk with the infamous Maxwell today, he however believes it is far to hot to be outside for any period of time.  He is a smart dog.  Here is a pic of just where I would like to be, this one actually reminds me of being on the Isle of Vieques in Puerto Rico.  On this island in this particular spot just behind me is an open air bar with an attached hotel that provides the same view, it was amazing.  Maybe one day I will make it back there as well.  I have picked my house to purchase on that island as well.  Once again, a girl can dream RIGHT?!?

Beach Shadow Dream


Isle of Vieques


So – unfortunately I have way to much homework to actually be excited about a Friday evening but…..”We Like To PARTY!!!!”

Just wanted to share a happy moment from the past with everyone!  Made me laugh today in a meeting as the reference came up regarding this song….

Have a great weekend everyone!

Courage for a Rainy Day!

So previously on my post I asked where my courage went…and I said I was saving it for a rainy day.  Well it rained here today, and yes I used just a small piece of my stored up courage, maybe I missed the mark on being a weatherman but I sure hope it rains tomorrow because I am using up that stored up courage.  It will be a long night tonight, not sure I will sleep but that is okay, I have plenty of homework and work/work to accomplish.  Oh yeah, only a little over two weeks left until the greatly anticipated GRADUATION!  I can hardly wait but I don’t need time to rush by I have way too many quizzes, exams, research papers, projects, and website to create in the next little over two week time frame.  So wish me luck tomorrow or well send me some courage!  Felt a bit like the cowardly lion over the last few weeks, and well, now I will chisel one item off my dreaded to do list so that the process for correcting some alleged wrongs can begin.

Wait….maybe I missed my calling look at this forecast from The Weather Channel – and I said I was saving my courage for a rainy day last Friday!!!!

Weather 7-21-2015 9-18-35 PM

National Hot Dog Day ~ July 23

Here is a tidbit of information about me…that well, if you met me you probably wouldn’t guess. I love a good old fashioned hot dog every once in a while.  I miss my 7-Eleven stores back in Virginia, here it is much like the ZZ Top song and you are walking through the parking lot of the invisible 7-Eleven because we do not have them.  Why am I talking about 7-Eleven after saying I love a good old fashioned hot dog, well that is where I used to get the best (most unhealthy I am sure) chili-cheese hot dog with extra jalapenos and hot sauce.

A little unknown statistic: 7-Eleven sells the most grilled hot dogs in North America – over 100 million annually!

Here is another fun fact – Did you know that the first words spoken by Mickey Mouse on screen when they transitioned from silent movies was “Hot Dog!”

Here is a friendly brochure provided by the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council (Who knew???)

There is even a Hot Dog Slogan bumper sticker contest this month.

Anyway don’t forget to celebrate on July 23rd by dressing up your favorite dog!