Final push to exam….

Go figure trying to pull a humorous image to portray Death by Statistics and I just get a bunch of statistics about death.  Oh well thought this might help me.  I am so up tight right now, I am being told to CALM DOWN!!!!  Did I mention Math is not my favorite subject!


Statistics Pic

Saturday studying….preparing for beach time!

Plenty to do, never enough time to do it, making the most of a wonderful Saturday.  Spring break is around the corner and a trip to Panama City Beach, FL is in the works.  Hello beach here I come!  Checked the weather already and it should be almost 70 degrees in the afternoon, not exactly laying on the beach basking in the sun temperatures but it sure beats the 20 degrees we are experiencing here.  I can hardly wait to take my shoes off and dig my toes into the sand.  Maxwell Smart will be making the trip and while that calm cool collected dog is my bff, unfortunately he does not share my passion for the beach.  He is such a “fraidy dog” when it comes to the waves lapping up on the shore.  I believe that in his mind this is what he sees when I take him to the beach….

Oh well we will work on his perception of the beach.

In prep for the trip trying to get a bit ahead of the game by not only completing this weeks homework but next weeks work as well.  Statistics is awesome (NOT)….


For me stats is a foreign language so………..

Hopefully my next comments will be “I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!!!”  Okay so now back to the books.