Paranoia will destroy ya!!!

Things Someone Who Loved You Should Have Told You

john pavlovitz

Words can do incredible damage, but they can’t hold a candle to silence.

Often it is those words that have been withheld which leave the greatest scars upon us. It is in that terrible absence that we are dealt the harshest blow by those who claim to love us.

Somewhere along the line you were denied something you needed to live; something destination-altering and hope-giving that you deserved.

At some point on your path, someone should have encouraged you, but refrained.
They should have defended you, but did not.
They should have released you, but chose not to.
They should have said something—instead of nothing.

Someone should have told you that you were beautiful far beneath the surface, so that you didn’t grow up believing that you were defined by your waistline or by the scale or by the affection of someone else who may have cared far too little for you.

Someone should have told you that

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Been Away for Awhile….

So, thought I would check in for a moment….been going through some things and wasn’t sure this was the forum for my thoughts.  I know all those cliche’s life goes on and all….it’s just tough sometimes but I know everyone is aware of that so no late breaking story on that front.  Sitting at work right now and needed to just pass along a song that hit home for today.

Hope to get to the beach soon, or up for air, or just to feel normal again.  Not sure how right now to get to that point but I do know that I am strong and I am capable and I will MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

Upcoming Adventure….

Headed out to Orlando this week, for work and for FUN!  Can’t wait to check out the new addition to Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter section and ride this………

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Cuddle CupCakes

A person who loves you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes, while everyone else believes the smile on your face….

Tomorrow will be a rainy day…making me blue….wishing there was something more…that I could do….

My hands are tied….I feel the system lied….to much time to bide…and then I cried!

Somebody needs a hug….

I Need You

This just felt very fitting for what I am dealing with….

Writings From Dr. Oolie's Pond

Her world was shaken
In what way,
I do not know
My first thought was
“Stay strong”
but that didn’t feel right
And as I thought about her
in her time of need
I hoped that she would reach out
maybe to a good friend
and try not to shoulder this burden on her own
Because sometimes
we need to say
“I need you”
even if it’s just a hand to hold
or a shoulder to cry on
Sometimes we have to remember
that we don’t have to do everything
on our own
We have to remember that friends aren’t there
just for the good times
but for the bad times too
DRM 2015

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No Amount of Pain


There is no amount of pain that will change the past. We can get stuck in our pain for so long that it doesn’t even make sense any longer.  Nothing does. All we know is we are in pain and nothing seems to work.

I never say that you should not feel your pain! I say feel your pain for as long as you need to;but learn when it is time to let it go. Once that pain doesn’t serve you, yes I said “serve you” because sometimes pain can help us get past things, own it,  but once it is making life simply too hard to navigate, then it is time to let it go. Only we have the power to know when it is time and to do something about it.  There may be times when the pain is too great and we can’t seem to pull ourselves…

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