Same old, same old with a different view

One may not be able to change everything that occurs in life, but you can control how you respond to what happens.  Sometimes we tend to over analyze things and look at them under a microscope, when what we need to do is step back and take a look from a different angle, like through a pair of binoculars or a telescope.  I have been looking at single points in time and individual instances when I do believe I need to take a look at the pattern of behavior over an extended period of time to take in the whole picture.  So today I am changing my angle of thinking….

Rainy Saturday – pondering “The Meaning of Life”

Studying today it is so rainy outside.  Decided to take a quick break before taking a quiz and thought about a conversation yesterday.  What is the meaning of life?  There are many takes on this question and depending on your religion or upbringing, ethnicity, culture, or maybe even your geographic location…the answers differ.  I don’t pose to have the answer, I have my thoughts that I try to apply to me that tend to keep me on the straight and narrow for the most part…(a little bit of faith is incorporated into my thought process).  I do believe that the life here on this planet is way to short to live it unhappy.  Pursuing your goals and achieving some of your objectives does give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose.  Having dreams to aspire to leaves you with a small sense that there is a reason you are here but in my case….is my meaning of life to make it to the beach permanently and have that Big “A” boat I dream of daily?  I love the beach and for any of you that have read any of my blog, that is OBVIOUS!  So…..deep thoughts by CupCake today??? IDK it’s rainy and very quiet, feeling a bit philosophical at the moment.  My aspiration is to have a positive impact on all the lives that I touch, and leave them with more (in a positive way) than when I met them….not sure how often I accomplish that or if anyone sees me in that aspect, here lately I tend to be the needy one and that is not how I like to perceive myself.

Plenty of changes occur in everyone’s life regularly, some of these changes appear as challenges, some as dreams coming true.  My opinion is how do you react to the challenges (a.k.a. opportunities) and the dreams…in other words what do you do next.  Do you sit back and let life happen to you, or are you the one who is making life happen for you and for others?  I must say I have become a bit passive in my reaction to things and may actually be letting life HAPPEN to me….not the approach I want to take, I want to MAKE IT HAPPEN!  (yes I have that t-shirt, LOL) so time for the internal pep talk (CupCake to CupCake) to pull up my boot straps and make some decisions.  LIFE IS TOO SHORT – but I am going to make the most of it!!!


By the way – – I am not competitive at all.  (Buahahahahah – that is such a lie!)

Happy Rainy Saturday!

Monday Homework Blues

So Monday evening is here, and I officially sit with more homework than anyone my age should be subjected to….oh well we live with the consequences of our choices and in the game of life I chose my path early on.  Now, I get to live my college days as I become arthritic and senile, hope I remember some of what I am studying for at least a full semester.  If you look close at the board below you will notice this game has a “Beachy Life” area, guess who spent more time than they should have in that area????  Yep, you guessed it ME!

Right now I am looking for this “Chance Card” but I don’t see this in my crystal ball or near future…..

I would like to think in the end that I didn’t play it safe and this is the outcome, but I still have a long way to go to continue to improve!!  Something to be said about an intelligent risk taker, I’m still working on the intelligent part but self-awareness is the first step to turning the corner.

Life is like a game, you can play it safe and be good, or you can take a chance and be great. Picture Quote #1

Cheers to a potential of greatness in the upcoming future!!   Or some more days spent on the Beach – maybe my first game plan wasn’t all that bad, Cheers to BEACH BUM DREAMS!!!!