Back from the Beach – oh, so sad!

Well, it’s back to reality, returned from the beach this weekend.  Ten days of time in the sun and sand, with the waves and surf, and all the great weather was a well spent relaxing time.  Now it is time to return to the real world and back to work and classes start tomorrow as well.  Managed to get one class done, gotta love the pre-semester courses, 3 credits accomplished in 19 days.  Now three classes start tomorrow, two are half semester courses that also only last a month, one is a full semester.  I will accomplish completing 20 credits this semester and will be glad when it is behind me but I am going to make the most of it.  I am packing for my trip to Detroit right now, fly out tomorrow afternoon and I am finding the heaviest portion of my luggage will be the three text books I am toting along with me.

Spent a lovely day with the youngest daughter today ended the day with dinner at Fox Ridge Pizza.  Our server was wearing a t-shirt that stated “What Does the Fox Say?”  made me smile.

Maxwell has been trying to catch up on his rest, he just has too much fun at the beach much like me, and well the ride back was even more exciting for him.  He will be happy when I return to work, not so much that I am leaving him and going out of town but back to his routine of sleeping 18 hours a day makes him a calm happy boy!

Enjoy beach

So now I will be back to enduring the work and the homework, until I can return to the coast but as always I will be dreaming of my next adventure on the beach.

Fiji sunset

Here’s to living the next dream!

CupCake going on a trip….TO THE BEACH!!!!! WOO-HOO can hardly wait!

So, this beach bum girl is finally headed back to the gulf to soak up some rays and enjoy the sand, surf and well, let’s face it a bit of alcohol will be involved.  Currently cramming to get all of my class work done, this Pre-mester for summer is going to be the death of me, full course credits in 19 days…well let’s just say taking 20 quizzes in 19 days along with homework discussions and oh yeah a text book that is 687 pages long not including the appendix that is utilized for the problem sets.  Did I mention they didn’t think they packed enough in the text so they wrote on the inside of the cover in the front lots of tables and data that for whatever reason the professor thinks we should read.  Oh well, class started on May 11th and ends on May 29th, at this point I have completed 14 quizzes, and I am on a roll.   I should just relax since it’s only one class for the pre-mester I have 6 more to go this summer, but hey, I love to put myself under pressure.  Heck if I don’t do it someone else will, so it may as well be for something I am striving for….

Well back to the purpose of this post…..I AM GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So excited and MAX is too, he just doesn’t quite know it yet.  His lazy self is sleeping on the floor right now next to me while I take a short break to post this since I may have fried some brain cells with the last quiz, really we need to know how much a person’s “VO2 Max” is the maximum?  Anywho, I AM GOING TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited…..more to come when my brain cells recover!!!!

Here’s a shot of what I dream of…..

Happy Monday everyone!

I Know A Mother Who

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere!


Instead of a generic Happy Mother’s Day post, I decided to sit and think about all the different mothers that I know. Mothers are some of our most powerful influences and they put up with a lot of crap. I am living proof of that. Below is a list of Mothers I Know.

I know a mother who loves. In spite of harsh words or cold actions from others; she continues to love.

I know a mother who has lost. Deep loss with wounds that won’t heal but she continues to shine for others.

I know a mother who has sacrificed. People who buy houses with deer murals, red shag carpet, and one complete bath for a family of four are not the kind of people I call selfish.

I know a mother who is strong. The kind of strength that inspires some and at times…

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