Cod Sandwich at the Beach Anyone?

Is it lunchtime, I am hungry and tired of homework….I think all this advertisement viewing is making me HANGRY!

At least this ad had a shot of the beach…what a nice day here, wish I was laying out.  Going to go outside in a few to read my Statistics text.  Exciting times.

Memphis Bar-B-Q burger never looked so good

Memphis in May is coming up and while we don’t have Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. here in Memphis (interesting fact) there is this lovely advertisement about a burger piled with Bar-B-Q meat.  I like the concept I like to put barbecue sauce on my burger when I eat one (few and far between here).  The commercial however makes your tastebuds water.  Oh, and obviously the commercial wasn’t shot in Memphis, where did those mountains come from and I am talking about the landscape gentlemen….(LOL)!