Surfer girl at heart.  Anything about the beach and I am excited.  I grew up close enough to ride my bike to a beach now I live in a land locked city and let me just say the Mississippi River is no excuse for a beach or a fishing body of water.   The picture below brings back memories of time spent on the Atlantic Ocean growing up.  Blue Crabs, bonfires, surfer times and spending time with friends having fun in the sun is how everyone should live.  Dreams to live by!



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  1. First i want to thank you so much for reblogging my surf post! It means a lot to me that you took the time to include something of mine on your blog- thanks.

    Like you, I grew up near the water and developed a love affair with it from a very early age. I’ve lived a few ‘land-locked’ places in my life (Munich, Germany comes to mind!) and like you, I found myself reminiscing about all things surf and sea all the time!

    Thankfully, I now live within biking distance to the ocean and while not there every day, each visit gives me a renewed spirit and a big smile!




  2. HI, Surfer Girl. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking something. I have read some of your items and I got the strong impression that you are over thinking things. Deal with where you are now, don’t try to dwell some place else whether it is physically or mentally. The place you find yourself has much to occupy you and interest you. Let it. It seems a hundred years ago, but a wise man once said, “Be here now.” I think if you would get yourself into that and leave the past be and the future to unfold you will be less scattered. Good luck!

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  3. I could have wrote this…well the part about growing up near the ocean (until I was 37) and now living in a land lock city. I am near the Great Lakes which are amazing!! But I miss the Pacific….oh yes, and we grew up on opposite oceans! 🙂
    YES- everyone should live that way!
    Love your blog!! ❤

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