Sunday Homework Stretch

So, this rainy Sunday in November once again affords me the opportunity to get as much homework as possible accomplished.  Globalization, effect on democracy, drafting a press release for the National Association of Trauma Specialists and the under staffed level of emergency room specialists staff in the entire state of Tennessee, creating a blog regarding my career, along with two exams.  Unlike this blog, one that allows me to express my feelings, share some hidden secrets still not unveiled and among other things VENT!!!  My new blog will be all professional and one needed to add to my resume for career searches in my field of study for when I truly can reside at the beach and spend my evenings lounging by the sea with my toes dangling in the water.  Living the dream is getting closer and closer to my grasp and I refuse to allow anyone to get in my way and slow down this process.  I will through my newly obtained techniques in Pilates and Yoga return to the basics.  Much like some of my more challenging experiences in my life each day brings a new set of obstacles and how we overcome these obstacles is what makes us who we are.

To my new found inner peace that I refuse to let anyone or anything steal from me, as I continue to grow and improve may my positive attitude be a reflection to others that positively impacts them as well.  (Once in a while I have a melt down, trying to limit those to private times with no witnesses but thank you to those who help peel me off the ceiling lately).

Until we meet on a warm, sunny, always inviting beach some day…….this surfer girl, beach bum is sending positive thoughts to you for a calmer, peaceful life of never ending perfect waves to surf on!

Monday Homework Blues

So Monday evening is here, and I officially sit with more homework than anyone my age should be subjected to….oh well we live with the consequences of our choices and in the game of life I chose my path early on.  Now, I get to live my college days as I become arthritic and senile, hope I remember some of what I am studying for at least a full semester.  If you look close at the board below you will notice this game has a “Beachy Life” area, guess who spent more time than they should have in that area????  Yep, you guessed it ME!

Right now I am looking for this “Chance Card” but I don’t see this in my crystal ball or near future…..

I would like to think in the end that I didn’t play it safe and this is the outcome, but I still have a long way to go to continue to improve!!  Something to be said about an intelligent risk taker, I’m still working on the intelligent part but self-awareness is the first step to turning the corner.

Life is like a game, you can play it safe and be good, or you can take a chance and be great. Picture Quote #1

Cheers to a potential of greatness in the upcoming future!!   Or some more days spent on the Beach – maybe my first game plan wasn’t all that bad, Cheers to BEACH BUM DREAMS!!!!