Cod Sandwich at the Beach Anyone?

Is it lunchtime, I am hungry and tired of homework….I think all this advertisement viewing is making me HANGRY!

At least this ad had a shot of the beach…what a nice day here, wish I was laying out.  Going to go outside in a few to read my Statistics text.  Exciting times.

Memphis Bar-B-Q burger never looked so good

Memphis in May is coming up and while we don’t have Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. here in Memphis (interesting fact) there is this lovely advertisement about a burger piled with Bar-B-Q meat.  I like the concept I like to put barbecue sauce on my burger when I eat one (few and far between here).  The commercial however makes your tastebuds water.  Oh, and obviously the commercial wasn’t shot in Memphis, where did those mountains come from and I am talking about the landscape gentlemen….(LOL)!

Marketing Class – Made me Smile

So I have to write about some pretty “shocking” advertisements in my marketing class.  Recently full page paper was about Kmart’s #shipmypants ad and it is quite humorous.  This module has some additional advertisements that were either not released on television or banned after a short lived airing.  So the one that really is standing out for me today and has me smiling while back in my office…(spent my lunch breack trying to stay up on homework) is the Kate Upton – Hardee’s Southwest Patty Melt.

I don’t eat fast food very often, I do like a good patty melt from Whataburger when traveling to Florida.  We don’t have Whataburger in the Memphis area.  On my patty melt I always add hot pepper sauce and jalapenos now if I could just look like this when I was eating it I might eat more.  LOL!  Here’s to actually enjoying my assignment, so many things to write about this ad.

Happy Friday!!!