141st Kentucky Derby – Do you have a favorite to win?

So today is the Kentucky Derby – lot’s of talk about this going on even at work.  There are derby parties in Michigan where some of our associates are actually going to a race track in Detroit to watch the derby and party at the same time.  I share some moderate interest in the Derby as I like to watch the horses and make predictions but this year I was a bit intrigued by the name of a particular horse as well.


Frosted is currently slated with 15 – 1 odds and is in gate 15 (for some reason I would have a better feeling if it were gate 14 – oh well).  With a tiny bit of research I was able to determine that my interest in the horse (because of the name)…come on we all know you can’t have a cupcake without frosting (a.k.a. icing) and well when I found out that this horse is actually named after a baking reference  – his mother was Fast Cookie this fact further solidified my decision to pick Frosted for the win.  As always there are tons of opinions surrounding who will win and the why behind it.  With limited experience on how to choose a winning horse I rely on sheer statistical instinct (LOL – still studying for that darn Stats Exam), basic likability of the name and well just PURE DARN LUCK!

If you have time check out this blog for some very extensive tips on selecting a Derby HAT  – this is an important factor if you are actually attending the Derby in person.  Here is my favorite hat for 2015!

wide brim hats for horse racing and fancy teas

Cheers – to FROSTED with a mint julep this evening!

Yes the Derby has CupCakes TOO!!! – (Hats, CupCakes, High Heels and being outside)  It’s only missing the beach, but what a fantastic time especially on a beautiful day!

Friday Craving

It’s Friday, and I’m HAPPY but I am really having a craving.  Not just any craving, I am craving a super duper icing fix.  I mean like a Gigi’s topped extraordinary abundant over the top icing to cake ratio off the charts craving.  Here is what I am talking about….I will get over it and have to do some hardcore exercising if I do indulge in this but thought I would share.

I think it’s time for

Image result for happy hour cupcake

Success inspiration

So, we have all heard the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I prefer a vodka tonic with a twist but that is a story for another time.  If you find yourself experiencing some challenges remember that these are what shapes you into the person you are and will become….

Candy Cane Valentine Cupcakes

Now here is a combination that I couldn’t resist blogging about….so imagine you purchased way to many candy canes for Christmas, what do you do with these left over items now that the season has passed for that particular shaped candy.  I actually love candy canes, didn’t get any this past year.  I am not really fond of the traditional curved style candy canes (the staff or J for Jesus it’s all in the candy cane story), but really enjoy the taste.  The curvy top just presents an issue for eating in my opinion, it doesn’t exactly fit in your mouth in a way that is conducive to sucking so much like many others that piece either gets used as a handle while sucking the opposite end, tossed once that part is reached or just popped into the mouth all together to eventually be chomped to bits.  I actually prefer the big chunky 1 1/2″ straight stick to be honest but those wouldn’t work for this cupcake candy cane special.  I think I could incorporate some peppermint schnapps into the icing and chocolate Godiva liqueur with peppermint schnapps into the batter.  Leave it to me to dream up an adult version of a cupcake.  I’m making myself hungry thinking about it.  I try just to bake and not eat the cupcakes but once in a while my will power gives way and well of course you have to taste your wares so as not to serve something gross to others.

These look very tasty, what do you think?   My mouth is watering……

Euphoria if only for a day!

So spin class today was a “Piece of Cake” especially compared to Monday’s class (a.k.a. The Puker).  I couldn’t believe it when the instructor said class is over time to cool down.  The time flew by, without any worry of making it through the class.  After class I felt a surge of happiness and peace.  Given what is currently taking place in my life feeling happiness and peace at oh, say 8:45am is not a natural state for me.  I could state that this was caused by the release of endorphins after exercise (I do believe that is what it should be attributed to), but that would mean admitting that the hour of steady pedaling non stop with many bursts and what feels like a hundred up and downs is STRENUOUS exercise.  According to research, it has to be prolonged strenuous exercise to produce endorphins.  So that my friends is a sad omission for me.  Well as they say, the truth hurts!  At least I am on a good path to getting back in shape now.  I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t visualize the beach in class this morning, but I suppose I can concoct that image up all by myself.

My hopes are that all of this effort will have me ready for warm, beach weather….see what I mean?

Here’s to happy pedaling….on a breezy boardwalk somewhere soon!

I hope to be a brown CupCake after I’m on the beach for a few days!