14 Strong Motivators To Get The Most Of Life

Motivating words to live by….thanks for sharing Donna George!

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Bike at the beach

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  – Wayne Gretzky

Did anyone ever tell you something that changed your life, or greatly influenced you in some way? Maybe they shared some valuable wisdom you keep tucked away in your back pocket. Most likely, this knowledge led to some great shortcuts for you.

Life is constantly changing. It’s either turning for the better or slowly towards the worst. The question becomes, Is there a finish line? For most of us, it’s about wanting more and more from life, and having the skills and determination to overcome the challenges and  stay focused on the goals.

We all know motivation is different for each person. There is no proverbial “one size fits all” measuring stick. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s up to us to decide if we are settling for less or if we can accomplish something more significant. There is…

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Long Day….but still not enough hours!

So had a long day with plenty accomplished and plenty to be accomplished.  It had it’s ups and it’s downs, the latter part was the best and made me smile the most…until riding home.  Listening to Jackson Browne – sad, sad song for me…and then seeing a car upside down on a road I travel just about every day, twice a day!!!

Now…Friday night with tests and final exam preparation and I just feel alone…..yet still don’t feel as though I have time for myself, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Cool rainy day!  May the sun come out tomorrow and brighten my world once again!!!!

Earth Day 2015

So tomorrow is Earth Day 2015 – not sure how you will be celebrating but I plan on getting my green on!  I will be finally planting the plants in the front flowerbed first thing in the morning prior to heading to work.  It will be an early morning 4am in the front yard but totally worth it.  The neighbor was kind enough to mow the yard and trim the edges this evening.  The plants purchased over the weekend will make a nice fresh look in the front, unfortunately the begonias were sold out so I will have to make another trip for these.  The elephant ears, hostas, and red and white begonias will look great surrounding the oak tree in the middle of the yard.  That my friends is how I plan to get my green on for the start of the day, getting nice and dirty before my shower and wearing the green skirt, with brown and blue to sport the Earth Day colors during the day.  Boring yes probably, but with my limited time these days, that’s about as good as it gets.  Hope you enjoy your Earth Day and remember recycle we only have one Earth and we all have to live here. (NASA does support Earth Day so until we get to relocate to Mars or Jupiter…..)

While my attempt might not compare to Buchart Gardens this is close to what I am going for….

Maggie Monday: Simple S’More Cupcakes

I love this, filled CupCakes!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I love s’mores and so glad they’ve broken out from just a campfire dessert to one that we can have all the time. I have to make Maggie’s s’more dessert. Check it out…

Picky Pants has a riding coach who loves her some S’Mores. I like to keep her happy, so everyone once in awhile make a S’More-oriented dessert. These cupcakes were pretty simple, and tasty!

If you wanted to make them even easier, you COULD use a boxed chocolate cake mix, (blasphemy!) or any chocolate cake batter of your choice. I am always surprised by how easy it is to place filling in cupcakes. Hmmm…. These would be GREAT with Nutella filling…. Or Speculous…OK, that will be another post!

However, my favorite part of these was the graham cracker crust. It was simply yummy. I am now tempted to make a graham cracker crust for all cupcakes I make…

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National Grilled Cheese Day – April 15, 2015

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day and what could be better than bread, butter and CHEESE!!!!!

I think I know what is on the menu for my dinner this evening…so excited and I can’t believe I just found this out.

I think I want a grilled pimento cheese and bacon with jalapenos please.  These look mouth watering as well.

Lobster – yummy!

eggplant-parm-grilled-cheese Eggplant Parm – grilled cheese.

Check out this blog for more mouthwatering ideas.  20 Unbelievable Grilled Cheese Recipes 

Cod Sandwich at the Beach Anyone?

Is it lunchtime, I am hungry and tired of homework….I think all this advertisement viewing is making me HANGRY!

At least this ad had a shot of the beach…what a nice day here, wish I was laying out.  Going to go outside in a few to read my Statistics text.  Exciting times.

Memphis Bar-B-Q burger never looked so good

Memphis in May is coming up and while we don’t have Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. here in Memphis (interesting fact) there is this lovely advertisement about a burger piled with Bar-B-Q meat.  I like the concept I like to put barbecue sauce on my burger when I eat one (few and far between here).  The commercial however makes your tastebuds water.  Oh, and obviously the commercial wasn’t shot in Memphis, where did those mountains come from and I am talking about the landscape gentlemen….(LOL)!

Marketing Class – Made me Smile

So I have to write about some pretty “shocking” advertisements in my marketing class.  Recently full page paper was about Kmart’s #shipmypants ad and it is quite humorous.  This module has some additional advertisements that were either not released on television or banned after a short lived airing.  So the one that really is standing out for me today and has me smiling while back in my office…(spent my lunch breack trying to stay up on homework) is the Kate Upton – Hardee’s Southwest Patty Melt.

I don’t eat fast food very often, I do like a good patty melt from Whataburger when traveling to Florida.  We don’t have Whataburger in the Memphis area.  On my patty melt I always add hot pepper sauce and jalapenos now if I could just look like this when I was eating it I might eat more.  LOL!  Here’s to actually enjoying my assignment, so many things to write about this ad.

Happy Friday!!!