Santa Baby

CupCake was a good girl and I am very thankful for the Christmas wishes being granted.  I really want a couple of items in this song, thought it would be fitting to post even though it is a day after Christmas.  While I didn’t get them this year I plan on being an extra good CupCake this coming year.

Still dreaming of a sand and seashell filled stocking, with a lifeguard tower in the background of my beach house overlooking the YACHT that Santa will drop off!!!  Oh, Santa Baby, please grant my Beach Bum Dream!!!!

Santa Siting After Black Friday!

It appears that Santa has dreams of residing on the beach as well.  After a long Black Friday and many hours of adding people to the naughty list Santa has decided to take a break and do some exercise with the reindeer in a much desired environment.  Santa, you jolly old man, I must say you are man after my own heart!!!!

Now I am searching for my Santa Bikini, next goal, Christmas on the Beach – yes dreaming again!!!!!