Post Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was a success, only had to cook the one dessert, and I didn’t make the individual cakes.  The bananas foster cake was good, but with 3 sticks of butter in the recipe how could it be anything but good.  The crawfish etouffee was awesome but I can take no credit for that.  Linda of the VCG was the chef and I have to tell you the compliments on this continued to come.  The dish was compared to that of some pretty famous restaurants in NOLA and her’s outdid the legendary Felix’s etoufee.  With just the right amount of kick and a enough crawfish to have one in every bite the dish was amazing.

While at the VCG we discovered a new addition “ROXY” the miniature pinscher mix breed.  Roxy is a rescue about 3 years old and was an addition inspired by Maxwell Smart after he paid a visit at the VCG over the Halloween weekend.  Roxy looks a bit like the pic below, this is Romeo, how appropriate they would make a good pair.

The family was spread out from east coast to west coast north to south this year at Thanksgiving but some great pics of the spread being served were sent and I must say it did not appear that anyone was hurting for things to eat.  The turkey did elude the table at my house but not permanently, there is a nice fresh turkey in the fridge waiting for prep to be served on Saturday.  I thought my duties of preparing dressing and giblet gravy were going to be sidelined this year, not so….the turkey will be fried so not my responsibility but fixing all the trimmings tomorrow will be on my agenda.  Giblet gravy (YUCK!) contains many things that I don’t eat, one very particular item that will not go down is the boiled egg addition.  A favorite by some in my household, not one I relish preparing, however I do love to please so I will be preparing deviled eggs as well.

Hope you are enjoying a festive time this holiday weekend and having fun with family and friends!  My thoughts still wander to the beach and my next trip to the shore, maybe Christmas……

Additional Turkey Post – ‘Tis the Season

So, beach bum girls even those that are on a mission to maintain a certain weight do dream of the infamous Turkey Day and all the eats to be had.  In my mission to find some pretty amazing recipes to try out (in my spare time as I have so much of that these days) and I came across a few that I will need to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients.  The banana fosters cake mentioned in a prior post, will be a newby at my house and I hope it tastes as good as the icky sticky picture made it look.  Being a sucker for some bananas foster dessert I thought what better way than to try it with cake.   I am going to add a bit of a twist and make it in individual ramekins, oh, and guess what that will resemble?  Yes that’s right Upside Down CupCake Bananas Foster!!!!  Now if you have ever heard of a Crazee dessert that is one to try out.  I can taste the RUM now!  I am still dreaming of spending Thanksgiving on the BEACH because that has become a tradition in this household but unfortunately time does not permit this year.  So with the Dreams still piling up and destination beach being the number one goal these days I will leave you with these fantastic photos of Turkeys that beat me to my destination!