Beach Dreams – Retirement – Graduation

NOLA was awesome, had a birds eye view of the Superdome all week as we were in class on the 38th floor overlooking a spectacular view of NOLA.  While trying to obtain some mediation skills:

Frilot LLC hosted Essential Mediation Skills for the New Mediator, a 40-Hour course sponsored by the American Arbitration Association. The course provided a comprehensive immersion in the essential skills and knowledge required of all mediators. The course continued over five consecutive days (December 1-5, 2014 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) allowing for extensive discussion and interaction between and among faculty and participants.

Essential Mediation Skills for the New Mediator was held at Frilot’s newly remodeled office space located at 1100 Poydras Street, Suite 3700. A.J. Krouse, partner at Frilot LLC, was an instrumental presenter at the course.


All of this studying called for a few nights of fun and relaxation especially after completing finals for University of Memphis courses.

Sitting here awaiting my grades for the semester, just took two surveys as this is required to receive preliminary grades.  One last class still to be provided but the verdict is promising and should be a clear 4.0 for the semester.  Getting bored since I didn’t have homework only work/work to do at home so I enrolled in three classes one more to go but it requires a prerequisite of one of the classes taken this semester so must hold off on registration of that course.  Senior Project has been registered for and I see a potential of a Spring 2015 commencement.  When that occurs there will be a real reason to party.

So you might be asking what in all of this makes you think of the beach. Well the weather was warm, short sleeves in December is a great feeling.  The food was spectacular, oysters, crawfish, fish, more oysters, more crawfish and more oysters.  So that my friend is what is called oysteria would you like to know what that means?  Well we found a new restaurant, Royal Oyster House located at 441 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA and they describe oysteria best….

Royal House Oysteria - All of New Orleans is afflicted with this love of oysters due to the year-round supply of large plump Gulf oysters harvested from the Southern, warm waters and delivered fresh to our tables. But nowhere is more so stricken than our beloved Royal House. Our “oysteria” is most obvious when guests sidle up to the marble oyster bar at Royal House to have a dozen shucked by Antoine, Nirobe or, Jeff, who’ve all accumulated years of shucking experience and story-telling. But our love for oysters doesn’t stop there. Chef Steve has created signature Royal House oyster dishes including his sweet, savory Oyster Beignets and a festival favorite, the Oyster Puff Pastries for those who have already satiated their weakness for raw, chargrilled and baked oysters at the bar. So come try our oysters, on and off the shell!  And much like in the movie Forrest Gump, well at the Royal Oyster House you can have Oysters on the half shell, chargrilled oysters, oyster tacos, oyster puff pastry, oyster beignets, oyster maque choux, oyster rockefeller, oyster po-boy, oyster Royale, oyster duo….. well I guess you get the picture.  So we ate here twice just because we couldn’t get enough.  Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out, to get fresh oysters you should probably be pretty close to the WHAT??????  The BEACH – that is correct.   Here my friends is where I love to get my oysters from and look it is real close to Panama City Beach (PCB)!

Florida Oyster Reef

Currently lounging with a view of Maxwell Smart who by the way behaved while at the infamous Uncle Johns or Johnny B’s (or so I was informed) since he didn’t make the trip to NOLA.  He is one lazy dog, lounging by the heater, definitely see glimpses of him lounging by the pool in Florida sunning.  What a life, sleep, eat, and give me a treat…..

Thanks Johnny B, he is even more spoiled than ever if that is possible!!!!

NOLA Again – So Soon?

So work has brought me back to the wonderful city of NOLA and a full blown agenda from dawn to dusk is keeping me busy…  spending many hours studying for both work and school but wait, finals are over as of tonight for this semester…and I play an attorney tomorrow TWICE so it should prove interesting since the clients I represent are both real life attorneys –  I hope I play the part well!!!

I have eaten well since my arrival on Sunday, November 30th and have still not eaten the awesome grilled oysters of NOLA.  Had some crawfish etouffee as well as red fish, oysters and jambalaya.  The tequila bar tonight brought back memories of my dating days as the bar tender/part owner introduced me to his parents.  We are set for the rest of the week as Rita’s is an awesome place and has a wide offering of tequilas, even for the finest connoisseur.  We will be back to this establishment to enjoy the fine refreshments and the companionship!

After a plentiful bag of chips to send us on our merry way (per our request) we find ourselves zig-zagging down Bourbon Street without a care in the world.  I must say NOLA is a very happy place – at least in my mind!  I have enjoyed my travel partner and look forward to the multitude of others that will join us later in the week.. DO I HEAR PARTYAAAYYYY in the works??????  Oh Heck YEAH!!!!  NOLA look out a part of the honorary VCG and the CREW are about to transcend on you and it can only mean a good time was had by all!!!!   Maybe later the entire VCG will attend and then it will be a throw down!!!!  Beach girl not gone crazzzzeeee yet but hold one, to your seats!

This may not be the beach post but can I just say the weather here has been almost 80 degrees in the afternoon and it is December and from the office building I am working from has a view of the entire city of NOLA!  Just wish I was lounging on the beach!