Sunday Homework Stretch

So, this rainy Sunday in November once again affords me the opportunity to get as much homework as possible accomplished.  Globalization, effect on democracy, drafting a press release for the National Association of Trauma Specialists and the under staffed level of emergency room specialists staff in the entire state of Tennessee, creating a blog regarding my career, along with two exams.  Unlike this blog, one that allows me to express my feelings, share some hidden secrets still not unveiled and among other things VENT!!!  My new blog will be all professional and one needed to add to my resume for career searches in my field of study for when I truly can reside at the beach and spend my evenings lounging by the sea with my toes dangling in the water.  Living the dream is getting closer and closer to my grasp and I refuse to allow anyone to get in my way and slow down this process.  I will through my newly obtained techniques in Pilates and Yoga return to the basics.  Much like some of my more challenging experiences in my life each day brings a new set of obstacles and how we overcome these obstacles is what makes us who we are.

To my new found inner peace that I refuse to let anyone or anything steal from me, as I continue to grow and improve may my positive attitude be a reflection to others that positively impacts them as well.  (Once in a while I have a melt down, trying to limit those to private times with no witnesses but thank you to those who help peel me off the ceiling lately).

Until we meet on a warm, sunny, always inviting beach some day…….this surfer girl, beach bum is sending positive thoughts to you for a calmer, peaceful life of never ending perfect waves to surf on!

Friday Night and Party Beach Bum Girl is Hitting the Books!!!

It’s Friday Night so everythang is poppin!  Well according to the video below but here in my crib it is study time.  I actually feel relieved a full weekend of hitting the books and practicing yoga (which means relaxation) and pilates.  Going to feel fit, smart and relaxed before the weekend is through.  Who knows I may even have prolonged the death of a brain cell or two.  Which is important considering when you get my age you could be losing up to….wait for it….wait for it…..yes 10,000 brain cells a day!

There are some actions you can actually perform to improve your cognitive function as you age…here are 8 habits that are touted to be beneficial.

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Openness to Experience
  3. Curiosity and Creativity
  4. Social Connections
  5. Mindfulness Meditation
  6. Brain-Training Games
  7. Get Enough Sleep
  8. Reduce Chronic Stress

I am really trying to put these into practice in my daily life but anyone who knows me will be pretty in touch with the fact that number 7 and 8 are really a bit out of my reach at this point…..  Oh well 6 out of 8 isn’t such a bad ratio unless of course you are referring to my GPA then that is completely out of the question.

So now needing a bit of a pick me up to make it through the next chapter I am dreaming about a scrumptious CupCake with icing piled sky high and with a filling surprise inside!  Since it is fall I believe a moist Pumpkin Spice with Maple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing is on the list to have my mouth water over.  That and a Grande cup of Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks and I could be happy through tomorrow, at least that calorie intake would put me at the limit through tomorrow but hey as stated before, a girl can dream!

Wednesday recovery from Tuesday

Tuesday was a day…..not sure if I had time to dream about the beach.  Except during my relaxation session of Yoga at about 9:00 pm.  So work was work and that’s why they pay you for it I suppose.  Anyway let’s start at the beginning, accident blocking Walnut Grove on the way to work so take detour, Germantown Parkway is backed up beyond belief….oh and by the way I was leaving early to make a nice relaxing early morning meeting (7:45 am – early for me).  Tow truck blocking lanes and managed to dodge traffic – I do love to drive – maybe missed my calling should have been race car driver.  Some would disagree with that however.   So made it to meeting and on time and it was most definitely the highlight of my day (DOWN HILL FROM THERE!)

Well almost fast forward to just before Yoga class – frequented Sports Authority and had a retail therapy moment and purchased some Under Armor gear.

Also purchased a whistle for my Referee Halloween Costume  

So made it to Yoga class – raining buckets – two block walk to get to the gym.  Managed not to drown and was ready for class, we read our nutrition papers same behavior from female classmate that was not interested – once again got to see her muffin top while she admired it in the mirror.  Learned that my professor is 77 years old and she most assuredly does not look 77 but you can definitely not tell by her flexibility capabilities that she is 77.  Also, she takes no medication and is a vegetarian.  Becoming a vegetarian may be my next goal, but I will have to continue to enjoy my dairy products as well as fish and seafood.  (Come on – can’t be a beach bum and not eat seafood).  In class I learned several new poses, but the most interesting one was the “PLOW” pose.  I had no difficulty getting into and out of this pose in the appropriate format, but seeing and hearing the responses from some of my classmates was quite comical.  From the beginning the disbelief of some that our professor could so easily get into the position and out of it with such grace, unlike the majority of the male athletes in the class.  Okay so is your curiosity getting the best of you here is what the Plow Pose looks like.

Makes you want to get down on the floor and try it right now doesn’t it…..

Oh and by the way that old joke about being in a gym with people that fart during Yoga, well….let’s just say it isn’t really funny because, you guessed it someone did that while trying to get into this pose – and it wasn’t a silent one. (BUAHAHAHAHA)

So finally into the relaxation portion of the class – my favorite part of the course is this section as I find myself wanting to drift off to sleep in the middle of a gymnasium at University of Memphis.  Last night the topic of relaxation was picturing yourself as a sponge on the bottom of the ocean breathing in the ocean water and feeling all of your stress drift away with the current.  Feeling your body float weightlessly with the ebb and flow of the tide drifting off into a peaceful relaxed state…..

I think this is what I look like at the bottom of the ocean….as I gaze at the huge fish swimming around me thinking WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!??!?!