Long Day….but still not enough hours!

So had a long day with plenty accomplished and plenty to be accomplished.  It had it’s ups and it’s downs, the latter part was the best and made me smile the most…until riding home.  Listening to Jackson Browne – sad, sad song for me…and then seeing a car upside down on a road I travel just about every day, twice a day!!!

Now…Friday night with tests and final exam preparation and I just feel alone…..yet still don’t feel as though I have time for myself, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Cool rainy day!  May the sun come out tomorrow and brighten my world once again!!!!

Flashback Friday……..

So after a week of fun at work I had a flashback….and wow it made me think of this old commercial.  Do any of you ever feel like this at the end of the day or week?  I feel a bit like I have been turning my wheels yet without a lot of traction.  Sort of like my car acted on Tuesday in the parking lot at work.  I was stuck IN my parking space for about an hour sitting on ice and not going anywhere fast.  I managed to do a conference call.  Return some calls.  Answer emails.  For being stuck in the parking spot it was a rather productive hour, but at the end of the week I am feeling a bit like this video.

So after watching this and laughing at the memories it brings back I am looking a bit forward to tomorrow.  FRIDAY HELLO!!!

Feeling Fab Friday

So after a long week, I am happy to say HELLO FRIDAY!  A loved one sent me this pic and stated how they could get used to this on a daily basis, while not the soothing picturesque view of the beach I desire, I can certainly appreciate the beauty in this view as well.

Western Sunset

After a long week of tiring hours and unsavory tasks it is now time to begin the homework marathon (this evening).  I am pleased to say I am in the home stretch for this semester however, not so proud to state my ELP is not as far along as I would have wished.  Let’s face it I have come to the realization that I am indeed part human and do have my limits….well maybe I am still trying to push and find those limits.  Self improvement is my middle name, but I believe I need to spend some time improving my relationship(s) with others next after the long stint of self serving improvement steps I have taken I may have left a path of destruction behind which was not my intent at all.  There is a behavior that I would like to call out that I think all can learn from especially anyone that works where I do….“MAKES PEOPLE BETTER”  – requires continuous learning and professional development through timely, constructive and candid feedback…then providing the tools, resources and training that help people excel.

More to come on this Fab Friday…..I will leave you with this now –

Credit to girlnextdoorfashion.net