Beach Themed Ornaments

Here is my project to complete before the end of the year.  These ornaments found online truly speak to me, I will change it up a bit and incorporate some recycled elements into them.   I guess when I get this semester behind me (I hope I will get it behind me) then I will have some free time to focus on my creative side.

Now back to the final piece of homework…..I am in the home stretch now, heck, I may even start on some of next weeks tasks, given my professor just sent an email out requesting just that….really, really, I haven’t even turned in today’s required work.

November Rain

So, homework Sunday again!  I have accomplished about 50% at this point, just never enough time in the day.  Listening to some relaxing tunes like Champagne Supernova or November Rain (as that is what we are experiencing today).  Short break to blog before moving onto the next item on the homework list.  Recently was at the VCG, I feel I owe some apologies, apparently me and alcohol don’t always make the best mix….(so I am slowing picking up on)  Have I mentioned I am a slow learner?  Subtlety and alcohol also don’t mix.  Anyway to the family that was crafting with wine corks, hats off to you and the awesome reindeer under construction.

Awesome pen holder was constructed in a matter of minutes right before my very eyes as well.  Oh to be so talented!  The topic came up about crafting some ornaments from light bulbs, so for those of you with tons of burnt out light bulbs lying around your crib here are a few additional crafty ideas for your spare time!

First a Thanksgiving one, before we jump right into Christmas!

Check out that Turkey!

Endless possibilities….now to find the time!  Did you check out those beach snowmen getting their tans?  I think we all know which ones will be on my tree!