Friday Night Beach Dreams

It is rainy here tonight but that is not where my mind is at…I am dreaming of relaxing on the beach lounging in these chairs!


The picture is missing my cooler and I think I can see a suspended bed off to the right in the shade for when I really need to relax (LOL).  Been thinking about maybe a business that I could start up at the beach have had many thoughts, but I really wish someone needed a lounge chair tester for the beach.  I would be really thorough, testing in all positions, laying on my side, back and stomach…I would adjust the chair in all positions and do some jumping on it as I returned from cooling off in the water.  If anyone knows of this position being opened please let me know as I will apply immediately.  I could also test out the suspended beds for height, strength, and comfort among other things.


Willing to relocate to the beach as well.

Happy Friday evening everyone!

A Day at Work in Michigan

Had a wonderful day working outside all day today in Michigan, was in the West Bloomfield area as well as many other townships.  The sun was out the yards were beautiful and the air was warm.  While I had many visits on several different lakes with views of numerous decks and boats, I still missed the sand and the waves.

 I ended the day in Birmingham, MI at the Tallulah Wine Bar & Bistro.

The selection of artisanal cheese as an appetizer was great and the entree, squid ink spaghetti alla chitarra was fabulous.

Looking forward to another day tomorrow with some great associates and ride alongs and another day of outside in the sun!