Euphoria if only for a day!

So spin class today was a “Piece of Cake” especially compared to Monday’s class (a.k.a. The Puker).  I couldn’t believe it when the instructor said class is over time to cool down.  The time flew by, without any worry of making it through the class.  After class I felt a surge of happiness and peace.  Given what is currently taking place in my life feeling happiness and peace at oh, say 8:45am is not a natural state for me.  I could state that this was caused by the release of endorphins after exercise (I do believe that is what it should be attributed to), but that would mean admitting that the hour of steady pedaling non stop with many bursts and what feels like a hundred up and downs is STRENUOUS exercise.  According to research, it has to be prolonged strenuous exercise to produce endorphins.  So that my friends is a sad omission for me.  Well as they say, the truth hurts!  At least I am on a good path to getting back in shape now.  I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t visualize the beach in class this morning, but I suppose I can concoct that image up all by myself.

My hopes are that all of this effort will have me ready for warm, beach weather….see what I mean?

Here’s to happy pedaling….on a breezy boardwalk somewhere soon!

I hope to be a brown CupCake after I’m on the beach for a few days!


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