Stationary Cycling – – – It’s a PUKER!

Funny story (at least I think so but I can laugh at myself)….I attended a stationary cycling class today, and well let’s just say I don’t think I had completely recovered from my recent illness.  Class was non-stop 45 mins to an hour of pedal, pedal, pedal, and up and down and burst, lean forward, sit back, lean forward, stand up, burst, down, up, down, burst, burst, burst…..well you get the picture.  Now this occurred very early (according to my time, seriously 7am) and my stamina lasted the entire class, I did sit down a couple of times when I could/should have been standing but for the most part was right on par with the instructor.  So then came the cool down, and get off the bike….wow what was that, the room is spinning now, hey why is it getting darker in here, oh, I know what is getting ready to happen, grab that bike and hold on tight!!!!  So I get the spinning room to subside a bit all while the instructor is stating you can move your bicycle to the back of the room (that’s what he thinks) and then I realize hey everyone else is moving so I better get it in gear (pun intended) and move that, what feels like 500 lbs bike to the back of the room and then go sit down on the bench (yes the bench, there is only one) while everyone else leaves the classroom.  This gives the professor the idea that I want to chat, I guess as he proceeds to then interview me about relations to my last name, well that would be my husbands name, but yes I can answer some simple questions (at least normally I can).  So finally I gather enough of my wits (oh did I tell you I was sweating bullets, I know not a pretty sight to picture, but hey its the truth and according to my prior post that is supposed to be good and promote, well being) to excuse myself and try and find the restroom, thank good that was an easy task.  So 15 seconds in the ladies room and I loose my breakfast and what little water I had managed to drink during class.

What a first class experience, I can hardly wait until my next class to do it all over again.  The one thing that did motivate me just a touch is when the professor had us close our eyes, yes while standing up on a stationary bike, how hard can that be right…..and we were listing to the Beach Boys “Kokomo” and visualize that you were riding on the boardwalk with the sun shining, ocean breeze and looking at all the surfers, that was pleasant, for about 10 seconds…and then he said “this my friends will help you ladies get into your bikini so in a few months time your butt and thigh area will be shaped up and looking good for the beach”.  I wasn’t quite sure how to take that comment coming from this particular professor but oh well, every bit of motivation helps.

Here’s to more dreaming of the beach, while getting into that bikini body, with NO MORE PUKING!!!!!


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