Courage for a Rainy Day!

So previously on my post I asked where my courage went…and I said I was saving it for a rainy day.  Well it rained here today, and yes I used just a small piece of my stored up courage, maybe I missed the mark on being a weatherman but I sure hope it rains tomorrow because I am using up that stored up courage.  It will be a long night tonight, not sure I will sleep but that is okay, I have plenty of homework and work/work to accomplish.  Oh yeah, only a little over two weeks left until the greatly anticipated GRADUATION!  I can hardly wait but I don’t need time to rush by I have way too many quizzes, exams, research papers, projects, and website to create in the next little over two week time frame.  So wish me luck tomorrow or well send me some courage!  Felt a bit like the cowardly lion over the last few weeks, and well, now I will chisel one item off my dreaded to do list so that the process for correcting some alleged wrongs can begin.

Wait….maybe I missed my calling look at this forecast from The Weather Channel – and I said I was saving my courage for a rainy day last Friday!!!!

Weather 7-21-2015 9-18-35 PM


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