Back from the Beach – oh, so sad!

Well, it’s back to reality, returned from the beach this weekend.  Ten days of time in the sun and sand, with the waves and surf, and all the great weather was a well spent relaxing time.  Now it is time to return to the real world and back to work and classes start tomorrow as well.  Managed to get one class done, gotta love the pre-semester courses, 3 credits accomplished in 19 days.  Now three classes start tomorrow, two are half semester courses that also only last a month, one is a full semester.  I will accomplish completing 20 credits this semester and will be glad when it is behind me but I am going to make the most of it.  I am packing for my trip to Detroit right now, fly out tomorrow afternoon and I am finding the heaviest portion of my luggage will be the three text books I am toting along with me.

Spent a lovely day with the youngest daughter today ended the day with dinner at Fox Ridge Pizza.  Our server was wearing a t-shirt that stated “What Does the Fox Say?”  made me smile.

Maxwell has been trying to catch up on his rest, he just has too much fun at the beach much like me, and well the ride back was even more exciting for him.  He will be happy when I return to work, not so much that I am leaving him and going out of town but back to his routine of sleeping 18 hours a day makes him a calm happy boy!

Enjoy beach

So now I will be back to enduring the work and the homework, until I can return to the coast but as always I will be dreaming of my next adventure on the beach.

Fiji sunset

Here’s to living the next dream!


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