141st Kentucky Derby – Do you have a favorite to win?

So today is the Kentucky Derby – lot’s of talk about this going on even at work.  There are derby parties in Michigan where some of our associates are actually going to a race track in Detroit to watch the derby and party at the same time.  I share some moderate interest in the Derby as I like to watch the horses and make predictions but this year I was a bit intrigued by the name of a particular horse as well.


Frosted is currently slated with 15 – 1 odds and is in gate 15 (for some reason I would have a better feeling if it were gate 14 – oh well).  With a tiny bit of research I was able to determine that my interest in the horse (because of the name)…come on we all know you can’t have a cupcake without frosting (a.k.a. icing) and well when I found out that this horse is actually named after a baking reference  – his mother was Fast Cookie this fact further solidified my decision to pick Frosted for the win.  As always there are tons of opinions surrounding who will win and the why behind it.  With limited experience on how to choose a winning horse I rely on sheer statistical instinct (LOL – still studying for that darn Stats Exam), basic likability of the name and well just PURE DARN LUCK!

If you have time check out this blog for some very extensive tips on selecting a Derby HAT  – this is an important factor if you are actually attending the Derby in person.  Here is my favorite hat for 2015!

wide brim hats for horse racing and fancy teas

Cheers – to FROSTED with a mint julep this evening!

Yes the Derby has CupCakes TOO!!! – (Hats, CupCakes, High Heels and being outside)  It’s only missing the beach, but what a fantastic time especially on a beautiful day!


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