Earth Day 2015

So tomorrow is Earth Day 2015 – not sure how you will be celebrating but I plan on getting my green on!  I will be finally planting the plants in the front flowerbed first thing in the morning prior to heading to work.  It will be an early morning 4am in the front yard but totally worth it.  The neighbor was kind enough to mow the yard and trim the edges this evening.  The plants purchased over the weekend will make a nice fresh look in the front, unfortunately the begonias were sold out so I will have to make another trip for these.  The elephant ears, hostas, and red and white begonias will look great surrounding the oak tree in the middle of the yard.  That my friends is how I plan to get my green on for the start of the day, getting nice and dirty before my shower and wearing the green skirt, with brown and blue to sport the Earth Day colors during the day.  Boring yes probably, but with my limited time these days, that’s about as good as it gets.  Hope you enjoy your Earth Day and remember recycle we only have one Earth and we all have to live here. (NASA does support Earth Day so until we get to relocate to Mars or Jupiter…..)

While my attempt might not compare to Buchart Gardens this is close to what I am going for….


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