Maggie Monday: Simple S’More Cupcakes

I love this, filled CupCakes!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I love s’mores and so glad they’ve broken out from just a campfire dessert to one that we can have all the time. I have to make Maggie’s s’more dessert. Check it out…

Picky Pants has a riding coach who loves her some S’Mores. I like to keep her happy, so everyone once in awhile make a S’More-oriented dessert. These cupcakes were pretty simple, and tasty!

If you wanted to make them even easier, you COULD use a boxed chocolate cake mix, (blasphemy!) or any chocolate cake batter of your choice. I am always surprised by how easy it is to place filling in cupcakes. Hmmm…. These would be GREAT with Nutella filling…. Or Speculous…OK, that will be another post!

However, my favorite part of these was the graham cracker crust. It was simply yummy. I am now tempted to make a graham cracker crust for all cupcakes I make…

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