Beautiful Day Today!

The beach like weather was wonderful today, the high reached 87.2* F and according to the record listed for the high is states 85* F in 1978, I think they need to update the record.  It was beautiful and even though I worked and was no where near a large body of water…(remember the Mississippi River doesn’t count in my book).

Started the day off at “Spin” class this morning at 6:30 a.m. no need to wear a jacket. I enjoyed the day and started to feel like myself again.  I guess I must be part bear or something because when it is cold and cloudy and feels of doom and gloom, I believe I actually hibernate a bit.  Nothing was going to discourage me today (not even the terrible hair day I was having), the sun was out and shining the happy rays all over the place.  Wearing sleeveless shirt, a skirt and sandals what a wonderful way to celebrate Hump Day!

4-8-2015 Weather

Currently performing the ritual homework task but I am headed out for a run in just a few.  Maxwell Smart is very excited, he has to hibernate when I do and well, let’s just say the shedding machine has been subjected to many forms of assistance with discarding the winter coat, the back yard is littered with fur balls all over from the daily brushing.  Maxwell also received a recent bath to assist with the process, he is such a good boy.

Maxwell Smart

A fellow blogger posted this today and I love this song so a shout out to STEPHIEOPOLIS thank you for sharing!!!

Enjoy I hope it makes you smile, I know I am….CupCake status is on the mend!


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