Cupcake Bouquet

So my bestie just had her Kitchen Tea and I thought it was a good excuse to take a bash at a bouquet of cupcakes!

Untitled 7


Super simple and super effective. Here’s how to make ’em:IMG_8871

You’ll need 15 cupcakes (it’s an awkward number I know, but my 1 dozen cupcake recipe tends to stretch itself to 15 so see if you can do that with yours too!) I tend to prefer vanilla because they show up less than chocolate with lighter colours.

You’ll also need about a batch and a half of buttercream, split and coloured into the different flower colours you want to use. I’ve chosen yellow, orange and pink to match the “citrus” decoration theme of the party.

You’ll also need a styrofoam ball and a pot/bucket thats a little smaller than the diameter of the ball. The ball I’ve chosen has a diameter of 15cm.

You’ll need some…

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