Stuck in Study Mode, but listening to some relaxing music….CHEERS TO SPRING!!!!

Marketing vs. Statistics, I’ll take marketing everyday of the week!  Preparing for another trip to Phoenix and while excited, I have so much to do to stay on top of it all.  Homework may be the death of me, as if work/work wasn’t enough stress.  On the bright side of things, what a beautiful day today.

The sun was out, the birds were singing, I think the park was probably a fantastic place to be today!  Two days ago for a brief moment I was able to enjoy the miraculous site of spring coming to life before my very eyes, a blossom filled bright pink tree was literally raining flower petals.  If I had not been required to go to ANOTHER meeting, I would have gone and laid under the tree and let the flowers just rain down on me.  It is those childish treats that keep this Beach Bum CupCake happy for a bit while landlocked still.

Today, I actually left work before the sunset and had the opportunity to sit outside on the deck and enjoy a nice relaxing refreshment while watching the sun go down and the moon was shining bright in the sky all at the same time.  (Should have snapped a picture of that…)

I am actually excited about cycling class tomorrow, the professor got a flat on Monday so class was cancelled after making the 30 minute drive across town…oh well got my butt out of bed.  I may wake up early, there is a better reason for an early rise when at the beach…just not so inclined here especially when it is cold, I do love to run when it gets warmer in the morning, early before everyone starts moving, to enjoy the quite beginning of a new day.  Currently it is hailing outside at my house, imagine that from snow on Saturday, rain and extreme thunderstorm on Sunday, warm and sunny Monday and even warmer on Tuesday to hail Tuesday evening.  Well at least the weather isn’t boring here.

Cheers to Spring….and sunny warmer weather, I may no longer need to be a hibernating beach bum.

I love studying to Vivaldi….


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