Return from Spring Break

Spring Break in Panama City Beach spending time at the beach house was a blast.  Getting back in gear with homework and work/work to start the week off right now.  Spent lots of time at the beach with the sand between my toes and the warm breeze blowing, salt air smell and the crashing waves.  There was even an awesome surf day but with no wetsuit and the temperatures of the water being so frigid I watched with envy as an experienced surfer “dude” rode the waves like a champ.

Here are a few snapshots from the trip, hope you enjoy…..

PCB 2015 Beach View

View from Beach Access 87 – a walk from the house


This picture never gets old…….

PCB 2015 Lake Powell

A view of Lake Powell in the Neighborhood!

PCB 2015 Beach House Friends

We had guests who had stayed in our house while we were gone and I have no idea who they are???

PCB 2015 Happens at Beach

I like to have a cocktail or two while on vacation….let’s leave it at that!

PCB 2015 Lighthouse

Lighthouse was actually landlocked in Alabama at one of our pit-stops, just looked like a great photo op.

PCB 2015 Maxwell Smart at the beach

Maxwell Smart was actually quite pleased when playing on the sand, but he does not swim in the gulf or ocean (YET! – mom’s still working on that one)

PCB 2015 Maxwell Smart I have arrived

Maxwell was so glad when we arrived in Panama City Beach, FL, he does like the warm weather!

PCB 2015 Oyster

Oysters!!! Enough said!

 PCB 2015 Seagull

Even the seagulls are missed by me.

PCB 2015 Seashell by Pool

Picked up a few shells to display outside by the pool, thought they added the beach touch.

PCB 2015 Surf dog

Surf dog (not Maxwell Smart – YET!)


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