Monday, Monday…

So I started the day off with such a positive attitude.  Awake at 4am to the wonderful sound of ice hitting the window pane…well time to turn on the news to get some insight on the school openings and traffic woes.  Check the email for school and still no news, lots of other schools have made the determination to close or have a delayed opening, not the University, at least not yet.  So then 2 hours later I make a choice and I send email to professor to state the entire county has either delayed or closed schools making an executive decision ( I know, I know I am a student but hey, I make these decisions all the time regardless of my authority) and I will not be coming into my 7am class.  Well how about that less than 10 minutes later someone at the university has my same idea and they notify the news, delayed opening classes to open at 10am.  So now hey, I can go back to sleep YAY~!  I do manage to dose off for a few and now it is time to scramble and get ready for work, should have just gotten up and got at it at 4am but the warm bed felt so good!

Fast forward, in car, on a call in the parking lot and getting out of the car I drop my phone on the ICE COLD pavement and SHATTER goes my iphone.  I pick up the phone and hey, it is still working woo hoo – for about 120 more seconds. Picture below is a close replica of what my phone looked like…afterwards I try to charge it back to life in the ihome in my office finally after coming to the conclusion that there will be no resurrection for this iphone, I relinquish possession of the phone and IT came to pick it up.  They accused me of having a bomb for a phone it was so hot!!!  I was determined to make that thing give me one more call, or at least give my photos back.  Then I am asked did you save them to the cloud?  Well heck NO, I don’t know who is in that cloud, and I am pretty sure I don’t trust the cloud, way to much data on my phone to just send over all trusting like…..

Anyway, not the morning I was hoping for but things do look up, I get a new phone before the end of the day and I am back in business.

What I did realize is how dependent I am on that darn work iphone, I have a personal one but man, I am really attached to my work phone.  A few more days and I may have adapted, but no need the IT department took great care of me today.  This makes me go back to thinking of what important things in life we should be focusing on and well having your work phone as a potential life line is a bit scary to me.  After a long day I am now home studying some more back in the comfort of my bed, dreaming of a warm breeze blowing on me (not the 25 degrees we are experiencing outside at the moment).

So in an effort to put a positive spin on today here is what I could muster up….I actually had some other quite challenging things happen but who wants to here all that gripe, gripe, gripe.  In the grand scheme of things, I survived and heck it could have been worse!

Image result for monday quotes

So CHEERS and………


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