Snow Day (really it’s ice)…

So I was expanding my ADHD capabilities while at home on this lovely Ice Day.  Office is closed, school was cancelled and the internet is a bit slow so Netflix is out while trying to work, blog, google, and read.  I came across some lists of top 10 things to do on a snow day and was a bit intrigued.  I believe I will have to put some to the test today.

1.  Plan a vacation (hello, I try to do that everyday and the destination may fluctuate but essentially has a consistent theme)  THE BEACH!

2.  Work on your resume’ (why yes I do believe that is a stellar idea)

3.  Work off some pounds (I ran INSIDE this morning at 4am a total of 2 miles already….)

4.  Holiday cards (well, I must admit I have a couple delinquent Valentine’s cards to be sent)

5.  Take an online class (totally have this one covered, was emailing my professor last night and early this morning 2am)

6.  Make a snow ball stash (impossible we only have ice at my house)

So those were the ones I thought were pertinent to me, here are a few I am adding to the list!

7.  Have a cupcake bake-a-rama!  (so going to indulge in something off the wall in the kitchen today.

8.  Catch up on email (what a novel idea)

9.  Read additional chapters in your text book (glutton for punishment but it has to be done)

10.  Cook dinner for the second night in a row.  (MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!!!!)

Still dreaming of the beach and without all this darn ice.  I want 80 degrees, a soft breeze and lots of warm, bright sunshine to bask in while listening to the lovely sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  Here’s to SUMMER!!!!

Snow at the beach 2-16-2015 11-17-23 AM


This image is much more like it!!!!


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