Candy Cane Valentine Cupcakes

Now here is a combination that I couldn’t resist blogging about….so imagine you purchased way to many candy canes for Christmas, what do you do with these left over items now that the season has passed for that particular shaped candy.  I actually love candy canes, didn’t get any this past year.  I am not really fond of the traditional curved style candy canes (the staff or J for Jesus it’s all in the candy cane story), but really enjoy the taste.  The curvy top just presents an issue for eating in my opinion, it doesn’t exactly fit in your mouth in a way that is conducive to sucking so much like many others that piece either gets used as a handle while sucking the opposite end, tossed once that part is reached or just popped into the mouth all together to eventually be chomped to bits.  I actually prefer the big chunky 1 1/2″ straight stick to be honest but those wouldn’t work for this cupcake candy cane special.  I think I could incorporate some peppermint schnapps into the icing and chocolate Godiva liqueur with peppermint schnapps into the batter.  Leave it to me to dream up an adult version of a cupcake.  I’m making myself hungry thinking about it.  I try just to bake and not eat the cupcakes but once in a while my will power gives way and well of course you have to taste your wares so as not to serve something gross to others.

These look very tasty, what do you think?   My mouth is watering……


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