Groundhog Day 2015

So after a full day of rain and overall BLAH yesterday it figures the sun would come out to allow that darn groundhog to see his shadow.  Seriously, who wants another 6 weeks of winter!  Certainly not this beach bum dreaming girl!  Groundhog day seems like quite the celebration on this video.  The only celebrating I want to do is when the thermometer reaches 75 degrees here and then I am a very happy girl.

Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most beloved and furry seasonal prognosticator, saw his shadow on Monday morning (despite overcast skies), portending six more weeks of winter.

Wow that was a short lived dream…..I am still hoping for an early Spring, what the heck does a groundhog know about the weather anyway.

This is my kind of groundhog!!!


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