Beating the Winter Time Blues – a.k.a. BLAHS!!!! –

Well, my first and foremost solution for beating the winter time blues would be, uh DUH plan a trip to the beach where it is warm and sunny!  Unfortunately that my friends is not always a viable option to do daily, so after a bit of research I found these five tips to beat the winter time blues that sound quite attainable and reasonable as an alternative solution.

Strategy 1: Eat A Healthy Diet

Food affects your mood. When and what you eat will largely impact whether you are energized all day or lethargic and tired. Plan to eat regular meals and snacks that are high in protein and low on the glycemic index. This will keep your blood sugar stable and provide a steady supply of nutrients to your system throughout the day.

Action Step: eat clean today. 

Strategy 2: Act on Your Goals 

Studies show a link between disciplined behavior and happiness. Women who exhibit healthy behaviors like maintaining a schedule, working towards a goal, not smoking, exercising and eating well have far less depression than women who do not.

Action Step: do one small thing that will move you closer toward your goal. 

Strategy 3: Sweat

Exercise isn’t just for staying fit! Vigorous movement elevates the feel good hormones, strengthens immunity, cleanses the lymphatic system, purges the body of toxins through sweat and statistically makes you happier. Plus the positive mood effects last for hours.

Action: move for 20 minutes today. 

Strategy 4: Relax

You work hard! There is always something to do! Don’t be afraid to say no to extra opportunities and just take some time for yourself. Read a book, do yoga, sleep or do something you enjoy. Remember that relaxation alleviates stress and leaves you with focused energy, so taking that time to recharge is a great way to be a top performer in all areas of your life.

Action Step: Take a block of time this week just for YOU. 

Strategy 5: Get Some Sun

Most people know that our bodies make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight but did you know that the sun elevates your mood, too? When the days are shorter and darker, it’s easy to get depressed from lack of sunlight – without even knowing why! Sunlight releases chemicals in the brain that make us feel good and boosts the immune system.

Action Step: Go for a walk on your lunch break & get some sun. 

VCG member sent me a note today with a nice pic that I really believe is very fitting for this post – you can be the judge….leave a comment of your thoughts!


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