Back to School….

Time to hit the books again.  I am both concerned and excited, just want to get this semester (hopefully the last for this stage of my degree) behind me.  My books arrived at my doorstep today, and what do I do, I begin the read of “On The Edge” by Alison Levine in hopes to get my head back in a mindset that is both ready for the challenge and motivated enough to leap the hurdles in front of me.  The book seems to be a fun easy read that is inspiring all the way through.

You might ask, why on a Beach Bum Dreams blog are you writing about school and leadership inspiration.  Well, in an effort to reach my rather lofty goal of Beach Bum Guru, I know that I must sock away a nice stash during my journey. Have you seen the boat I dream for, I guess my idea of a bum and others may differ.  I want to be a beach bum that wants for nothing but can sip my favorite cocktail, fish on my boat (a.k.a. mini-yacht) live in my dream house while taking in the sun, sand and surf any day I desire….EVERYDAY!!!!!

So here’s to a toast on some ice cold, Beach Bum Blonde Ale!  With a Beach Bum CupCake to get your sugar high on with…..all before launching out on the dream boat drifting off into the beautiful sunset!


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