Scottsdale, AZ in January (No Beach but lots of Sun & Sand)

Meeting in Arizona in January was a nice get away from the cold.  Landing on Wednesday to temperatures in the upper 70’s was a delight.  Needed to immediately shed the winter coat, sweater and was comfortable outside in short sleeves.  The sunsets were gorgeous and the scenic views were breathtaking.  The property had an array of desert plants along the paths that intertwined throughout to get to your rooms.  During the trip was able to take a jeep excursion into the desert, it was a bit disappointing at first due to the misunderstanding that it was an ATV excursion.  After piling into a jeep (ended up all the way in the back seat) and learning our guide was Cowboy Turtle, we had a great time.  We took the mountain of death down at one point which was a bit like riding a roller coaster.  Awesome weather, fabulous scenery and a time to network and connect with co-workers in a setting outside the office was a nice change to start the year.

While I didn’t golf, it appears the property had a great view everywhere!

So no ocean or gulf to dip your toes into but the sun and sand made for a nice get away.  While it was difficult to sleep at night I still managed to relax in many other ways.  As stated by Miss Stevie Smith in 1937 on the title of her book of poems, “A good time was had by all”.

Phoenix Weather


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