Happy Holidaze!

So this year has sped by quicker than one could imagine.  While much was accomplished I still have the feeling that so much more could have been done.  The old adage “don’t put off until tomorrow what one can do today” by Benjamin Franklin is so true.  Where I work hasn’t really assisted in putting me in the holiday spirit these past few weeks but I am still maintaining that positive attitude, at least as much as I can…..

I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I still have so much that I wanted to accomplish and so little time.  Recently (for some reason or another) I have actually begun to sleep a bit more, guess my body was trying to tell me something.  So all that time that I had in the middle of the night I am actually getting some shut eye, finally!  So the ornament project never came to fruition, but if I start now I may have made enough for next year.  (A little procrastinator humor)  I took the simple approach to the holidays this year with no full days of vacation (still have 56 hours on the books but oh well) and family spread all over the entire country I will be enjoying the technology version of celebration with many loved ones.  The beach escapes me this year for the holiday celebration but that will make my arrival to the surf and sand all the more sweeter once I finally arrive.

Santa Bikini

This my friends is how I dream of Christmas Eve!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!!!


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