Cold, Cold, Cold

Brrrrr, today felt like the Arctic chill had settled in Memphis, TN.  If this is any indication of what to expect this winter then I truly do need to hibernate.  I opened the back door to let Maxwell Smart out (yes he is still limited to backyard outings in the morning, makes life much easier) and a white dusting was layered all over the back deck.  I guess those two and a half hours of sleep I managed to get were enough to sleep through what I have been told was a nice sleet storm.  The ice and freezing weather actually resulted in 3 fatality accidents one of which occurred on Interstate 385 which resulted in a section of 385 being shut down for the morning.  Moment of silence for those individuals.

They are referring to this storm as the polar invasion, I believe it however, this picture seemed more fitting for my post.

Polar Invasion

Just look at those temps and all the way down to the panhandle in FLORIDA!  I need a warm weather vacation.  Makes me wanna sing….oh wait I did sing this today and in my office as someone (who will remain nameless) was leaving for their cruise to Aruba!!!!

Here’s to staying warm…and from the words of a wise woman, “BUNDLE UP!”


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