Saturday Scattered Thoughts

So, taking a mental break from the comparative politics reading….after learning about communism, post communism and how to turn a state into a democratic regime, I believe a may have truly prolonged the death of those two brain cells, if just for a short period of time.  Now I needed to activate the creative side of my brain and it brings me back to thoughts of the beach and oh the things I could be doing in the Caribbean right now.  Those chairs are calling my name….screaming “COME TO ME, COME TO ME!!!!”

Still missing summer but glad that I am not trapped inside doing homework on a warm summer day.  I’ll take the small blessings.  If I close my eyes I can almost feel my toes dipping in the edge of the water, but that would be short lived as I would be diving in and looking for that sea life in short order.  Hey where is the cooler in this picture, I need a refreshment for when I finally get back out on land… imagine off to the side just out of sight of the camera is a nice vodka tonic and gatorade.


Okay so now that we took care of that part of the dream we can move along to the feel of the warm sun and steady breeze coming off the water to make our image complete.  I think this is going to be a relaxing day in my head even as I plow through the remaining tasks for school throughout the weekend.  Still searching for that sky high piled icing cupcake too!


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