Friday Night and Party Beach Bum Girl is Hitting the Books!!!

It’s Friday Night so everythang is poppin!  Well according to the video below but here in my crib it is study time.  I actually feel relieved a full weekend of hitting the books and practicing yoga (which means relaxation) and pilates.  Going to feel fit, smart and relaxed before the weekend is through.  Who knows I may even have prolonged the death of a brain cell or two.  Which is important considering when you get my age you could be losing up to….wait for it….wait for it…..yes 10,000 brain cells a day!

There are some actions you can actually perform to improve your cognitive function as you age…here are 8 habits that are touted to be beneficial.

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Openness to Experience
  3. Curiosity and Creativity
  4. Social Connections
  5. Mindfulness Meditation
  6. Brain-Training Games
  7. Get Enough Sleep
  8. Reduce Chronic Stress

I am really trying to put these into practice in my daily life but anyone who knows me will be pretty in touch with the fact that number 7 and 8 are really a bit out of my reach at this point…..  Oh well 6 out of 8 isn’t such a bad ratio unless of course you are referring to my GPA then that is completely out of the question.

So now needing a bit of a pick me up to make it through the next chapter I am dreaming about a scrumptious CupCake with icing piled sky high and with a filling surprise inside!  Since it is fall I believe a moist Pumpkin Spice with Maple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing is on the list to have my mouth water over.  That and a Grande cup of Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks and I could be happy through tomorrow, at least that calorie intake would put me at the limit through tomorrow but hey as stated before, a girl can dream!


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