MIA – NOLA (Lost but now I am found)

Been a few days since last blog, was in NOLA partying like a rock star.  Maintained the pace up until last night and then well let’s just say party got the best of me, had to be “quasi” carried back to the hotel.  Memory is lacking just a bit, sort of like a fog, but I totally remember laughing the entire time.  Eighteen to twenty blocks later I was safely planted in my hotel room…… So first two days Thursday, October 30 and of course on Friday, October 31st HALLOWEEN totally decked out in costumes and up and going all day long, managed to clock about 7 miles on Fitbit each day.  Started a bit slower on Saturday, Bloody Mary was necessary at brunch, which then started the party all over again, had to have beer (several), sex on the beach, beer (several more), vodka and tonic, hmm yes more beer and then mimosa(s) because you can’t have just one mimosa!  Earlier in the day I purchased some shoes – (two pair) and imagine that just had to wear them…..shame on me, note to self, no more heels on Bourbon Street, just because you can pull it off two nights in a row doesn’t mean the third night is a charm!  Here is a snapshot of one pair of my new boots which I absolutely love!

Check out that 6 1/2″ heel.  I was a tall drunk CupCake last night!  Anyway, here are some of the recommended spots if you want to party, eat, and just have some awesome fun in NOLA.

RAZZOO – ask for Cassandra, she will absolutely take care of you!

Napoleon’s Itch – Julian, Owen and Meko will all be happy to serve you!  I even got a photo with Julian and well the nice billboard sign out front touting “EBOLA VACCINATION INSIDE”   Here is a peek at Julian – and yes he really looks like this!

Julian at Napoleon's Itch

Last but not least, when you gotta have some grub, step into Felix’s Oyster Bar!

Check out these grilled oysters, they melt in your mouth and you will be craving more, we actually ate here twice, yes that is just how good it is.

Embedded image permalink

Before leaving it was necessary to pick up some Boudin to replenish the freezer for those moments when you just need some good Cajun food.

WHAT is BOUDIN you ask?

Great question! Boudin is one of most unique, tasty and distinctly uncorrupted regional specialties in America.  Basically, boudin is a combination of cooked rice, pork, onions, green peppers, and seasonings.  The mixture is pulverized (to some degree) in a meat grinder before being stuffed into a sausage casing.  It is then steamed–or otherwise heated–for on-the-spot snacking.  Ahh, but these are truly just the basics.  Folks in Louisianna are passionate about their boudin, and each recipe is a variation on the foundational ingredients.  The devotion to boudin results in innumerable other uses, recipe tweaks, or preparations for the meat and rice mixture.  Boudin Balls, Smoked Boudin, or Seafood are just a few of the variations you’re likely to find.  I actually prefer the crawfish or shrimp boudin myself.

So, how about that oysters and crawfish boudin, yes still dreaming about the beach!!!!!


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