Beach Bum Yoga Facts

Yoga on the Beach – performing yoga on the beach is a workout that will make you become more leaner than ever. Fact is as you try to balance on the sand your body has to even further compensate to keep you in balance working each muscle just that much more.  Additionally – at least from my point of view, the beach is far more appealing and relaxing than performing these movements in a closed gym with 20 other individuals all close to you with their not so appealing body odor and odd habits. Class tonight was interesting as one student couldn’t resist talking to herself and going off an performing her own exercises regardless of what the rest of the class was doing. For instance, yes we had to read our papers today in class, it wasn’t as painful as anticipated, heck the next paper will be a piece of cake. However, this particular student felt compelled to stand up (while everyone else was seated on their mats) jump up and down, lift her shirt and admire her “muffin top” in the mirror while spouting guttural noises as her class members tried to focus and read their paper.  Interesting to say the least.  My point of view just one more test in the grand scheme of things to ensure you can stay focused and accomplish the task at hand.  I believe that is one of the eight limbs of Yoga (fifth limb is Pratyahara this is when we make a conscious effort to become more aware internally versus reacting to the external surroundings).  As they say practice makes perfect…..

Also learned today that if you get up in the morning and actually soak in some morning rays from the sun you are more apt to lose weight!  Why you might ask….

There are two possible reasons: First, exposing yourself to light early in the morning as opposed to later in the day synchronizes your internal body clock, which means that you’re more likely to have a natural and steady sleep schedule. In turn, that steady sleep schedule helps your metabolism run more efficiently, which, as you know, can lead to weight loss.

The second reason that morning light may help you slim down plays off of the first. By nature, morning light is much stronger than afternoon or evening light. That’s because there’s a higher amount of blue light in the morning—and blue light is the kind that has the strongest effect on your circadian rhythm, say researchers.

So more info later on how to become a morning person, because unless you consider 1am or 2am a morning person then I most certainly do not qualify.


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