CupCake vs. Muffin (not a beach post but a question worth pondering today)

So recently was in a conversation that was revolving around CupCake or Muffin.  While in the beginning it was mentioned the muffin has a puffy top, hence the not so flattering term “muffin top” which refers to the puffy bit of flab that overhangs the top of your “a bit too snug jeans”.  I however would absolutely prefer to be referred to as CupCake over Muffin any day of the week.  Sort of like that old nursery rhyme, “Little Miss Muffin”  oh wait, that’s “Little Miss Muffet” oh well I don’t want to be known as sitting on a tuffet anyway.  Little Miss Muffin however is a store in New Orleans, so a bit related as that’s where I will be next week, NOLA not Little Miss Muffin.

Anyway back to the topic, CupCake vs. Muffin, so there are many, many debates regarding the differences and what actually is the determining factor between muffin or CupCake.  Essentially the one that I have found that I most agree with is as follows:

“We do believe that there are differences between cupcakes and muffins–to our way of thinking, cupcakes will always be the finer-crumbed, delicate and sweet treat, whereas the muffin is the more dense and hearty option, more likely to have savory flavors or “healthy” stuff added. However, we also believe that the line between the two is blurry in our current age, with more and more sugar and sweet toppings creeping into muffin recipes.
And our preference? Well, duh. Ultimately, it’s the cupcake that is first and foremost in our hearts–because for us, cupcakes are always frosted, and that’s simply the icing on the cake.”
So remember Muffins are just…….
Also, as a Beach Bum Dreamer this is what I would like……

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