Monday Evening Run/Walk

Just returned from my evening run/walk. Maxwell “Smart” (the smart dog TODAY) behaved and is now out of being grounded to back yard only visits. Let’s hope he remembers what “stay in the yard” means tomorrow morning or back to doggie jail he goes.  So while running I was jamming to my tunes on my iPhone and realized no Kid Rock????  What what what?!?!?!  Whatever has happened to my playlist.

I returned home and can not locate my Kid Rock CD nor is it stored on the PC to re-upload, guess it’s back to iTunes for another purchase of “All Summer Long”.  Another great video of fun in the sun, on the lake, enjoying the boat. What more can a girl ask for……so thought I would enjoy a quick play before hitting the PILATES DVD!  Wow it’s a charmed life I lead today!

Can’t wait for YOGA class tomorrow on the campus of University of Memphis.  Lucky me I get to pick up my book tomorrow prior to class. Who knew when you enroll in these wonderful fitness classes you are still tasked with reading and essays and quizzes.  Yes that is right 5 page essay in Pilates, seriously!


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