Underwater Miracles

Recently someone mentioned peeling back the layers of an onion to me.  I am a pretty private person and while I appreciate the interest the metaphor for me should actually be delving beneath the surface, as I let some things that I feel pertinent for others to know float above the surface for all to see.  But as we all know when dealing with an ocean or the gulf for instance if you are fishing, you can place a certain bait on your hook but you never really know what is down there until you pull the line in above the surface.  Guarded as I remain there are a very few that will be able to delve beyond the transparent surface of my reality and see deep inside.  I think this invisible force field that I maintain is inevitably what keeps me sane on most days, I harbor things deep within that NO ONE knows!  WOW – my head is a scary place much like the depths of the deep blue…..kudos to those who dare to try to enter or unveil the inner most secrets that are harbored within!

Underwater Miracles shared SCUBA‘s photo.


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