Tuesday – has to be better than Monday???

Let’s just say my dream of coffee on the beach did not come true yesterday.  It appears that my wonderful, obedient dog had other plans for a day of fun.  Max who is generally referred to as “Maxwell Smart” because he on most occasions is a very intelligent dog.  Max is a mutt rescued from the shelter and actually knows what Stay In The Yard! means (at least most of the time).  Decided that my idea of leaving nice and early on a Monday to go and enjoy some coffee before work wasn’t a good plan for him.  So going about my normal routine, just a bit earlier, with a twist as I let Max out in the back yard that is fenced in and had no intention of allowing him to bolt out the garage door (normal routine for him) with no collar or leash to let’s just say use the trees in “Our Yard”.  So, I bend down at the back door, fully loaded down like a pack mule ready for work, lap top, purse, a little bag for touch up make up (never know when you need to replace some lip gloss…) phone in hand (because that can’t be too far away – it was text central this morning too) and oh right an Izzy grapefruit drink because one needs her breakfast.  I am trying to give Maxwell “Not” so smart, his treat.  He refuses just looks at me like “Woman you have lost your mind – I am going out front” so I place it on his head, reach my hand out the back door to hit the garage door opener (one of my many hands as you know they are all quite full at the moment) try to squeeze out the door and shut it behind me and enter the garage.  In my mind I think I feel a blur go by but shake my head and proceed to put my pack mule load into the car.  Now I have this strange feeling that did Max (who thinks he is so smart) just run out when I wasn’t paying attention so I go back in the house to check on him……NO MAX anywhere.  Okay normal (at least what I perceive as normal) go to the driveway and call him with a whistle (his special whistle two blows high and then a bit higher) and nothing….again, still nothing….Oh crap it is starting to rain and I have my heels on, not the best choice of shoes for running down a dog in the neighborhood.  A little more info about Max, I have had him 7 years he is a mutt born at the Human Society, and he has NEVER, EVER run off on me.  I say on me because once several years ago when I was traveling he did try and find me while my husband had him in the front yard and one other time when both of us were traveling he ran off on my brother-in-law trying to find us.  But for the most part Max actually listens and does know where our property lines are and does stay in the yard.  So at this point not yet totally freaking I am thinking he is in the side yard handling his business and I don’t want to parade in the grass with my heels as it rained like a tsunami had arrived last night.  So more calling….more whistling….okay now panic is starting to set in… and the search begins.  Oh, one other nice fact – I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON AND I STILL NEED MORE COFFEE!!!!  Around the neighborhood I go, passing out business card, whistling, calling, driving (Repeat…Repeat…Repeat) two hours and a half hours have passed no MAX!  So, must go to work, have meeting with out of town vendors that I need to attend, tell awesome next door neighbors (Charlene & Dave) and let them know that I will return after meeting.  Well meeting ends and I am headed to car to come back and I get a text “We found him”  Big sigh of relief I come home and put MAX in time out, a.k.a. his kennel.  So now Mr. “Too Smart for his own Good” gets to take his nap and think about how bad he has been (yeah right I know that’s what he did”  So as the title says “TUESDAY – has to be better than MONDAY????”  The end of my day was great so maybe that will carry over into today.


Hope Max enjoyed his excursion – he will be a back yard dog for his outings for quite some time…..now back to the beach, too bad Max isn’t a beach dog, he hates the beach, how is that even possible.  I can’t believe I own a dog who hates the beach, oh well “Ying & Yang”.

Maybe one day this will be MAX?


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