Dreams Under Water in Mexico

If you haven’t had the pleasure of snorkeling or scuba diving in Mexico this maybe an item to add to your to do list….  While I have yet to experience the article and pictures following this, when I return to Mexico I believe this will indeed be on the itinerary.

This sculpture is titled “The Archive of Lost Dreams” or “El Coleccionista de Sueños”  and is located of the Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

This underwater art scene is meant to assist with preserving the natural reefs in the park that approximately 750,000 visitors attend annually.  The art depicts a man and his dog who are guarding several hundred real life messages in bottles.  Give’s new meaning to the song and book, “Message in a Bottle”.  “The hundreds of messages being preserved in bottles are in fact real messages from various communities of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. DeCaires invited these communities to provide the messages, which he hopes will chronicle present day principles, beliefs and aspirations for future generations to discover.”

Gives new meaning to message in a bottle.

Gives new meaning to message in a bottle.

Message in a BottleMessages in Bottles

There are many other underwater sculptures to be explored, you can check some of them out at the link below.  To exploring the depths of the ocean and letting your dreams run wild with all of the offerings the deep blue has to offer.



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