Big Fish Story



7 thoughts on “Big Fish Story

    • Thanks had an awesome time. I had forgotten how much fun fishing was until I got on the boat and we had our reels in the water. Even catching our own bait was exciting, but I do love anything to do with the water so…..


      • That’s great! I decided I was going to make more time for fishing. I got my kayaks this weekend. Can’t wait to get them in the water!


      • That’s awesome. Didn’t get a chance to kayak this trip but I love to do that all the way into the gulf from our house. What was the name of the lake you kayak?


  1. So when is a fish tale just a fish tale or a FISH TAIL!!! Well the fish tale above is true and the proof is in the pics supplied. Had an awesome time, female on a boat with 7 males and the look of 5 of them when I was boarding like oh, wow let’s see how this plays out. Well lets just say one of us had to be returned to the dock before we even finished catching our bait fish and it wasn’t me (THE GIRL!) No light weight here.

    I did however loose my first bait right off the bat, that darn Barracuda bit it completely in half only and left the head. It was a surgical cut because let me tell you that bait fish with only a head was still flopping around when I got it up on deck. Made me want to scream “IT”S ALIVE!!” Just for effect. The exciting part was racing the fish in from the dolphins, those suckers are fast. You had to reel your arm off to get the fish up in the boat before they stole it from you. I think overall the gentleman were pleasantly surprised as the day progressed and I have been invited back by Captian Kent to the “What Doin’?” again. Needless to say had a blast learned some great fishing tips and can’t wait to go fishing again. Heck I’ll even gut and clean my own fish but only if no one else offers…..


  2. Additional Fishing Contest in Panama City Beach:
    October 03 – 26, 2014
    Recurring daily
    City Pier and County Pier

    To showcase the world-class fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach is luring avid anglers with weekend-long pier fishing tournaments this fall. Through the month of October, the City Pier vs. County Pier Challenge guarantees a prize purse totaling $5,000+.

    Extending more than 1,500 feet into the Gulf of Mexico, the M.B. Miller Pier (County Pier) and the Russell-Fields Pier (City Pier) are two of the longest on the Gulf Coast and are prime fishing spots for anglers of all ages.

    There is no fee to enter the contest – anyone fishing from the pier is automatically entered into the tournament

    Contact Russell – Fields City Pier (850)233-5080 or M.B. Miller County Pier (850)236-3035 for more information.


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